What up, new friends?!

I want to start off by saying “you’re welcome” for having the opportunity to meet me, this is quite the honor for you.

Southern raised and New York living, I’m your resident expert for all things college football, high school football (just kidding but side note: do you guys remember “Two-A-Days” on MTV? It was basically a show about a bunch of underage football players at the most dominant high school football program in Alabama history, running around bangin’ chicks and stuff. Seriously, this was a show. Wild right?), fried chicken, run-on sentences, and MMA.

You’ll probably think to yourself at some point, “Damn this is the best blog I’ve ever read.” And this would be true, until you read the next blog. I look forward to gracing your eyeballs with the sweet stylings of the Snake so strap in and enjoy the ride.


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