What is up my good people? How’s it been, how ya doing?

No, your eyes do not deceive you, this is THE Mr. Problematik of the most notorious (laziest) source of hot takes on the interwebs with some news for your Wednesday commute: The Breaking Hype is back in full effect y’all (imagine the Funk Master Flex’s bomb noise going off on repeat right here fam). That’s right, I just want to start off by saying it feels good to be back in the game baby. Feeling like Lil Wayne in ’06 right now, just put me in the booth, I’ll rhyme a whole verse off the top and produce a hit right here! It’s been a hot minute, as our upwards of 3 subscribers who’ve patiently been skimming through content these past few months had most likely thought your boy was stepping out on the brand like it was my illegitimate virtual child or some shit but let me make it claro that the Hype is alive and well!

“Y’all are OD washed… how do you go on hiatus after a few months on the blog”. My man, you just gonna  interrupt this happy reunion with some hating ass vibes? I get the concerns though so it’s all love bro. Yes, much of the team had to step away originally due to a litany of scheduling conflicts. Muhfuckers much like myself are employed and at first had a hard time nailing down the consistency and TLC needed to elevate the brand. But like any good GM, sometimes you gotta blow up the roster and put pieces in place that actually fit the Triangle offense you’re trying to implement. So with that, I want to introduce some dear friends to the Hype and our latest pick ups off waivers, @jakethesnake3 and @nuyorknick! These guys much like myself are writers with no traditional backgrounds, but merely fans of shit teams (I’m looking at you Nick) trying to get these takes off and have a good time. I’ll leave it up to them to get y’all acclimated with what they’re all about, perhaps some proper intros are in order 👀.

So without further ado, I welcome y’all back to the site and for the unfamiliar, peep the archives to get a feel for what the Hype is about.

Much Love,





Written by mrproblematik

Long time Eagles fan/modern era Bulls fan... Let's just say I know what it means to suffer

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