Wattup homies? New York Nick here! Excited to bring the hottest takes the Big Apple has ever heard to The Breaking Hype. As the name implies, I was born, raised, and currently live in NY. I was cursed from birth to be a Mets, Jets, and Knicks fan. That means year after year I have to cross my fingers and hope next season is gonna be THE SEASON.

What happens when you combine three top 10 valued franchises and the obvious free agent market allure of the City of Lights with the fucked-to-shit front offices of Jeff Wilpon, Woody Johnson, and James Dolan? You get a realist, die-hard fan that has to eat a half a bottle of Tums just to stomach the fact that the Mets missed their window of opportunity, that the Jets won’t get the best QB in the draft next year, and that the Knicks will probably find a way to ruin the potential best player to ever step foot in their locker room (aside from that time we got Tracy McGrady back in 2010.) Cheers to winning a chip one day.

If you enjoy sizzling hot takes, next-level stats, and an inexplicable hate for all things Philadelphia (minus Joel Embiid and Darren Sproles), then sit back, subscribe and enjoy the ride. I’ll be largely focusing on the NFL, Fantasy Football and the MLB….but I’ll be sure to get my word in on the NBA when @Problematik steps out of line – for sure. Thinking about bringing some fuego jams to the blog as well.

@Problematik and @JakeTheSnake , looking forward to creating something extra special with you ordinary gentlemen.


Yours Truly,

NY Nick


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  1. Awesome blog! couldn’t agree more NY Nick! Looking forward to reading up on more great material you post up in the near future, keep it up boys!

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